Tuesday, January 15th 2019

Having trouble keeping an erection?

  A very common problem for men which can be caused by a variety of circumstances for example anxiety, stress, diabetes, progressing age related conditions and many other medical health issues.   Maybe Sex stimulating drugs such as Viagra and Cialis now having less spontaneous effect.

The B100 Stay Erect device can assist where natural vascular constriction of the penile blood vessels do not hold the penis  sufficiently erect long enough for sexual intercourse completion.  By using a comfortable constriction ring this embarrassment can be avoided.

The B100 kit contains a set of constriction rings, a loading device, instruction information in a convenient pouch and is economically priced.

Available for purchase from our website shop of Eurosurgical Ltd at  or can be ordered from our company sales office on 01483 564385. 


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