Progressive Rehabilitation for Vaginal Atrophy

Monday, September 11th 2017

A regime to recover and train tissue elasticity of the Vaginal canal and consequently lose fear of penetration.

Vaginal constriction causes discomfort, burning, pain and even complete inability to have intercourse.  Vaginismus is a common cause of on going sexual pain .  It can effect women at all stages of life; even women who have had sex comfortable for years.  This disorder is often accompanied by the reduction of oestrogen levels.

INTIMRELAX is a daily exercise program aiming to fully recover the cavity and vaginal elasticity, alleviate coital pain and consequently lose fear of penetration.   INTIMRELAX consists of a set of 3 ergonomically shaped vaginal dilators of differing sizes in order to gradually solve this disorder which has adverse effects on sexuality and psychological health in general.

ONE SESSION A DAY when starting with the smallest dilator can be comfortably be inserted without discomfort as part of the exercise before continuing with the next size.

INTIMRELAX  VAGINAL DILATOR SET is available from our website under and click on sexual health then women’s gynae health.  Alternatively, call our SALES OFFICE on 01483 456007.

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