Man Boobs Support!

Wednesday, March 4th 2015

Gynaecomastia, Man boobs (or Moobs) have increased massively during the latter twentieth century. Often diet and exercise are helpful in reducing the appearance of breast tissue and improving the chest muscles, but not always!!

Many men today find that their unwanted, soft tissue of rather large breast glands, sit on top of the developed muscles (the pectoral) which is developed and hidden underneath the breast. How can you reduce the appearance of soft tissue, when diet and exercise don’t work?

Surgery is one option – a small incision in the armpit, through which the surgeon uses both liposuction and dissection to remove the fatty tissues and the fibrous glands behind the nipple. Mr Paul Levick, a plastic surgeon based in the West Midlands and an expert on Gynaecomastia surgery for over 30 years, has carried out this difficult surgery in over 2000 men and is the author of a book on the subject says, “Gynaecomastia patients can be very demanding and have come in with a view of what they want to achieve, the surgery demands the greatest attention to detail and a knowledge of the structures involved, to be able to produce repeatable and pleasing results”.

Design Veronique are the No. 1 USA surgical compression company, founded by husband and wife team, George and Veronique Smith from Oakland, California, who specialise in compression garments, that can be worn either after surgery – to aid recovery or instead of surgery to produce a desired result.
The style #640 Male Vest is a specific garment made for men who have undergone breast reduction (Gynaecomastia) surgery. The vest is made of a breathable fabric called “PowerNet” a hexagonal weave of proprietary materials (spandex and nylon) which allows for multi-direction expansion. This unique design of hexagonal weave, together with the use of Gradient Compression Technology (GCT) has allowed Design Veronique to create the ideal male compression garment, that maintains the right compression forces to the chest and helps return the body to the right shape after surgery and once the initial swelling and bruising has reduced.

Leading UK Plastic Surgeon, Mr Paul Levick says “finding the ideal male compression vest to complement the surgery, has been of significant important to my results, I recommend the Design Veronique style #640 to all my patients”.
Surgery is not for everybody however as it is quite a dramatic decision to take, let alone the costs and recovery involved. So are there garments or vests that can help reduce the appearance of the Man boob, without the need for surgery?

Yes, Design Veronique now produce a second-stage garment for gynaecomastia, the style #1240, a garment that has been designed to provide more compression, with a double-layer of the unique PowerNet fabric and Gradient Compression Technology over the entire upper chest area – in a vest! This is ideal for all men that wish to produce that toned chest structure, even without having the surgery.

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