Monday, October 1st 2018

Sexually stimulating drugs such as Viagra offer a remedy for the flaccid penis but after a period of time the effects begin to wear off and loose it’s spontaneity and the flaccid state begins to return.

Using a Penile Vacuum Pump system such as PosTvac can offer a firm erection every time it is used with or without sexual supporting drugs.   Used correctly, it’s a 100% effective device and will go on reproducing  firm results and in the long term it is medically known to produce extra girth and penile length which may be an added bonus.

Be sure to watch our animated video on our website to clarify how easily the PosTvac can be used.     Go to  or and click on Gynae & Sexual Health or call our Sales office on 01483 564385.

Product models MVP700 & IVP1000 are available on NHS prescription for medically approved patients such as Diabetics and Erectile Dysfunction by consulting your GP.       All our products are  available for private purchase.

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