Monday, June 12th 2017

Sexual Health plays an important role in medicine and healthcare and the current trend is away from surgical intervention to erectile drugs and devices where both avenues are open for choice whether NHS or Private treatment.

Eurosurgical has been a leader in the field of Vacuum Therapy since 1988 and whilst drugs have their effectiveness over a limited period, vacuum therapy enhances the result of penile tumescence over a period of time.

Our PosTvac range of Vacuum Devices gives freedom from planned medication or surgical implants and is “available on demand” if needs be via the simplicity of our system.

Simple to assemble the PosTvac Vacuum device for Erectile Dysfunction aids men with all category  of ED from failing to get a firm erection due to life’s pressures or from chronic health problems such as Diabetes or post surgical rehabilitation following Prostate surgery.

Take a look at our animated video to see how simple the PosTvac is a choice to be seriously considered at or and click on Sexual Health.  Alternatively, call our office on 01483 456007



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