Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

Monday, December 2nd 2019

Men with type 2 diabetes are more likely to suffer from gradual loss of erectile spontaneity as the condition of diabetes progresses.  Higher long term blood sugars seen in diabetic patients do damage nerves and blood vessels causing erections to become less rigid and ineffective.

Erectile dysfunction can also be linked to  other conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease making ones sex life with with partner frustrating and disappointing.

There are a number of medical remedies available today.   First talk with your doctor who may prescribe oral medication such as Viagra or Cialis or more challenging routes such as suppositories or penile injections or even penile implants.

However, Eurosurgical can offer a non-invasive medical device on NHS prescription or via private purchase for the Postvac Penile Vacuum device designed to effectively create a rigid and enlarged penis by means of a constrictor ring or band thus enabling the user full erectile engorgement without the side effects of medication and complications.

Full details are available on our website including an animated video on www.eurosurgical.co.uk or on our medical shop at www.esshop.co.uk click on sexual health.   Information can be mailed by calling Eurosurgical on 01483 456007

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