Christmas – a difficult time for posture and poise

Tuesday, December 13th 2016

 slimming_male_upper_body compression_garment_145_4

Its that time of the year where parties, entertainment, going out and fitting into your once-a-year Dinner Jacket all coincide with eating and drinking too much!  So ladies and Gentlemen, how do you fit into those dresses and jackets and look amazing. 

The excellent range of Design Veronique slimming garments, are not only comfortable to wear.  They look great, are available in both black and white (to match most underwear) and are easy to size.  More importantly, they are designed to compress in the right areas.  The male vest (see picture) style #1240 has most of the compression featured over the upper chest, removing both the male breast and upper stomach bulge, whilst maintaining the compression on the lower tummy area.  The female girdle style #75 (see picture) compresses in the middle of the pubis mound, rising up to the lower abdominal area – prefect for support but also for bringing the side handle fat more central, showing lovely straight lines on that dress. 

Paying the right amount for the perfect undergarment which will make you feel comfortable and not restrict your movements, let alone allowing you to use the toilet is a small blessing at this time of the year. 

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