Vagiwell® Dilators Large

  • 3 Medical dilators made of silicone
  • Suitable for clinical and home use
  • Used for stretching the vagina

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Vagiwell Large Size Chart   

The goal of the exercises is stretching (expanding) of the vagina.

The Vagiwell® dilator set is suitable for clinical and home use.

Starting with the smallest size, the dilator is introduced into the vagina and is kept there for several minutes.

When one size can be introduced without any discomfort, move directly to the next size.

The exercises should be performed in a relaxed sitting or lying position.

Unless prescribed otherwise by the physician, the exercises should be repeated daily.

When the largest dilator can be inserted without any discomfort, sexual intercourse can be attempted.


– Dyspareunia of various etiology

– Vaginismus

– Scarring following episiotomy or perineal laceration

– During and after radiation therapy / chemotherapy

– Following gynaecological surgery with decrease in size of the vagina and scar formation

– Lichen sclerosus

– Vaginoplasty / neovagina

– Tight vagina (virginity) for cultural or religious

– Pain during gynaecological examinations or when inserting a tampon

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