Reco Post Surgical Recovery Bra

  • Suitable for all types of breast cancer, cosmetic breast and cardiothoracic surgeries
  • Bi-Ome Medical™ protection
  • Seamless design with built in compression zones
  • Shoulder strap and front opening providing adjustability and facilitate wound inspection or dressing changes
  • Breathable moisture permeable modern stretch fabric
  • Flexible sizing concept to make fitting easier and include larger breasts
  • Gauging pleat design in the breast area for cases – bilateral and unilateral mastectomies patients can choose to wear a light prosthesis or nothing
  • Provides implant stabilisation and minimises swelling with the correct and comfortable compression
  • A comfortable post- surgical device that helps patients comply to wearing the garment 24 hours per day which accelerates recovery time
  • 89% polyamide, 11% elastane. Latex free.
  • Machine washable at 40ºC, tumble dry (cool setting)

£52.00 inc.VAT £43.33

RECO BRA® Size Chart

**Cup sizing is flexible**
**The under bust measurement is important**

*If you are over a G cup size please go up a recommended bra size, you may also need to go up a bra size if your breasts are particularly swollen following the surgery.

Reco Bra ® has been designed specifically for the immediate post-surgery stage following any types of breast cancer, cosmetic and cardio surgeries. This comfortable, post-surgical garment is designed to hold dressings in place for wound sites, provides comfortable stability for newly installed breast implants and will also hold a light weight prothesis. Reco Bra ® can be worn for the recommended 24hr wear up to six weeks post-surgery. The product can also be used beyond the post-surgical phase and provides comfort for those wishing to have a ‘comfort’ or ‘sleep’ bra.

Reco Bra ® features a totally seamless design with an innovative built in zone tech ™ which is a revolutionary knitting technology for seamless garments that provides targeted and differentiated support. The four way stretch fabric provides adequate support and compression to reduce post-surgical swelling, minimising blood and fluid accumulation. If the surgical site is swollen, the bra will expand accordingly and when the swelling subsides, the material will contract, ensuring the cup fits the size of the breast optimally through the entire recovery period. Reco Bra ® four-way stretch cups are ideal for all breast shapes and anatomies as the flexible material will always conform to the breast concerned.

The Reco Bra ® holds two certificates including the Oeko-Tex 100 and the Bi-Ome™ Medical antimicrobial protection. This is an advanced medical protection which protects against well-known harmful bacteria’s and hospital microorganisms. This protection also provides a non-harmful odour control technology.  


Extra Large, Small, Medium, Large, XX Large


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