Micro injection cannulae (box of 20)

  • Sterile, single-use micro-injection cannulae
  • Ideal for injection of fluid, dermal fillers or fat
  • Blunt tip cannulae to cause less bleeding and reduce pain
  • Range of lengths from 25mm – 110mm
  • Range of widths from 18G (1.2mm) to 27G (0.4mm)
  • Cost effective, highly polished stainless steel, CE Marked
  • Luer lock hubs


£138.00 inc.VAT £115.00

Precision made cannulae for injection of fluids, dermal fillers and fat. Made from Medical grade stainless steel, polished both internally and externally, to reduce cannula blocking and damage to the skin due to friction. Cannulae cause less bleeding (haematoma) and injury to capillaries and result in less trauma and pain when used, compared to needles.

Available in a range of sizes from 18g (1.24mm) to 30g (0.31mm) and a variety of cannulae length, all with a Luer Lock hub.


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Micro Injection Cannula

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