Liposuction cannula with handle, single-use (Box of 6)

  • Sterile, single-use liposuction cannula with handle
  • Handle tapered to fit all suction tubing, 10-15mm diameter
  • Range includes Mercedes, Spatula, 24-hole and single-sided tip configurations
  • Range of lengths from 130-280mm
  • Range of widths from 3-6mm
  • Cost effective, highly polished stainless steel, CE Marked

£226.80 inc.VAT £189.00

A range of liposuction cannula, sterile, single-use with handle that is tapered from 10-15mm to fit with all suction tubing (European and USA).  High quality polished stainless steel cannula, which can be with stand vigorous movement and even bending of the shaft – if required.  

Cannula width from 3-6mm and lengths from 130-280mm.  Tip styles include Mercedes, single side holes, spatula tip for neck and facial liposuction and 24 hole cannula for fat harvesting and definition sculpting.  

Cannula Size

LC31302, LC31303, LC313024H, LC31304H, LC31503HVS, LC32302, LC32303, LC32303HVS, LC32804H, LC328024H, LC42302, LC42303, LC42802, LC42803, LC428024H, LC52802, LC52803, LC62802, LC62803