Lipocube™ Nano

Lipocube L-Nano – a sterile, single-use “cube” that turns harvested fat into Milli, Micro or Nanofat – ready for injection.



£168.00 inc.VAT £140.00

Lipocube™ Nano is a clever sterile, single-use device that processes  harvested fat into smaller milli, micro and nanofat grafts for injection into the superficial dermal layers. The processed fat contains fibres with regenerative cells, resulting in rapid revascularisation of the fat in the injected area, thus very good graft uptake.

With 4 luer lock ports, the harvested fat is connected and emptied through the Lipocube filters in turn, creating Macrofat (port 1) to Millifat (port 2), Microfat (port 3) and finally Nanofat (port 4).  


Kit Type

Micro Fat Grafting Kit, Nanocube, Nanokit