Epifoam Compression Pads

  • Compression foam pads with silicone backing
  • Recommended for use under liposuction and body contouring compression garments
  • Reduces bruising, seroma and swelling by providing a uniform compression
  • Latex free with a unique silicone gel surface that allows proper oxygen flow, resulting in a smoother/flatter appearance
  • Recommended by more surgeons than any other compression foam!

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Epifoam offers patients an important evolution in liposuction recovery. Providing a superior platform over which to apply post-operative compression garments. The unique silicone-gel surface has a gentle adherent patient interface that helps avoid the problems associated with more aggressively adherent foam pads. Premium quality, medical-grade polyurethane foam helps ensure consistent compression distribution. 


  • The preferred choice for superior comfort under post-operative compression garments.
  • Reduces post-operative bruising & swelling
  • Provides uniform compression distribution
  • Prevents folds and creases, resulting in smoother/flatter overall appearance
  • Easy to apply as silicone backing slightly adheres to your shape and contours
  • Latex-free silicone gel and polyurethane foam
  • Porous silicone-gel allows proper oxygen flow
  • Specifically designed for Liposuction and Body Contouring procedures
  • Ideal following lipo of the arms, chin, abdomen, thighs and other areas where uniform healing is desired

CONTAINS: Biodermis Compression Foam Pads (x 3 pads) (19.7 x 29.2 x 1.3 cm / 7.75 x 11.5 x .5 in)