Tuesday, November 28th 2017

Using a vacuum tube is one of the earliest methods for treating Erectile Dysfunction of modern times which now includes Implants, Drugs and Injectable medicines.   The concept of vacuum therapy constriction is quite simple.  By placing a tube over the flaccid penis and applying a suction source, swelling of the organ will result causing a tumescence of the penis as it becomes engorged and rigid mimicking the natural state.

Using a tight band or constriction ring placed at the base of the penis will maintain this status quo until release.   The popular PosTvac erection vacuum pump designs are the most modern and efficient vacuums systems available on the medical market today for both NHS prescription and Private purchase.  VAT exemption can be claimed for those patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.

Vacuum therapy for erectile dysfunction is both safe and effective and totally reversible after removal of the constriction ring or band. Our PosTvac products include all the necessary parts, instruction booklet and an animated video is available to view on our website.

Go to our website for much more information or for private purchase to and click on Sexual Health.  Alternatively, call our sales office on 01483 456007



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