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Wednesday, March 4th 2015

You’re looking forward to your new breasts. How big will I be? Going from a “B” cup to a “C” or “D”?? What new bra’s will I buy?

Planning for breast surgery, whether that is to go larger or smaller, is exciting and daunting at the same time. Popping out to the shops to buy the new bra for your new shape sounds easy, but how do you determine what size you will become before your surgery? Your surgeon would have told you about the post-operative pain, swelling and discomfort, so how can you help yourself recover. Choosing the right bra for your new shape, that gives you the right support and fits your new shape, can be made so much easier if you look for a Post-Operative Support bra from Design Veronique at ESSHOP.

Design Veronique Post-Surgical Support bras are available in many styles, to suit different conditions, such as whether you have breast enlargement (augmentation), breast asymmetry, reduction or reconstruction – there are Design Veronique Bra’s that are suited to aid your recovery and make you comfortable and look good. All the bras have front fastening – it is amazing difficult to do up your bra from the back – after you have had surgery!! The shoulder straps are adjustable, so that the correct position of the cup and the side supports can be easily found.

How to choose the right size?
Simply measure your under bust circumference before your operation. Get a friend to help you and do not wear clothes. This size will NOT be altered by surgery, as this is the size of your rib cage. If it measures 32” prior to the surgery, you will require a Medium Design Veronique Bra of any from the range. Do not assume that because you normally buy a 32” bra that you are indeed 32”. It is essential that you actually take this measurement, it may be quite different from what you expect.

Which bra’s to choose from the Design Veronique range for my surgery?
The following are some simple suggestions of Design Veronique style bras that are made for different surgeries;

Breast Enlargement (augmentation), also breast Mastopexy (uplift) and Breast Asymmetry.
Allyssandra 2” Cotton Bra
Yesmina Cotton Sports Bra

Breast Reduction
D’Andrea Optimum Bra

Breast Reconstruction
4510 Bra with Implant Stabliser
B943 Compression Arm Sleeves
BV933 Long Arm Sleeve

Now you can choose your colour – White, Black or Nude!

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