Rise in Male cosmetic surgery leads to new compression garment product lines

Tuesday, January 23rd 2018

The American board of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons, have recently released there expected area of surgical growth in 2018 which indicates an increased demand in male plastic surgery, specifically for the treatment of gynaecomastia (man boobs) and liposuction / abdominoplasty.  

Here in the UK we have also seen increased sales of post-operative garments, particularly for males.  The Design Veronique range of post-operative garments have always been extensive, particularly for females, however recent new designs for male patients are now available.  These include the style #743 – a zippered, high waist to above knee compression garment that is designed for abdominoplasty and liposuction to flank and upper thighs. 

There are now 6 male garments designed for compression of the chest or recovery from the treatment of gynaecomastia, including the first stage style #640 and the second stage style #1240.  These garments provide the ideal compression to aid recovery after the surgical procedure.  They helps to reduce seroma (the formation and accumulation of fluid as a result of surgical damage to the area)  and help smooth the damaged tissues to ensure a better more cosmetic result.  The style #1240 also helps with longer term recovery and even “looks good” as a male undershirt.  

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