St’rim Fat-transfer Set

  • Sterile and single-use comprehensive kits for fat grafting.
  • For deep and superficial sub-dermal treatments. 
  • St’rim includes the everything you need for small volume fat grafting (<50 ml) ideal for facial contouring and scar refinement.
  • Macro St’rim gives you all the tools you need for complete, efficient and reproducible macro fat lipofilling for long-term volume and regenerative effects of treated areas.

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St’rim kits are all uniquely designed for efficient sizing and equalisation of fat. By matching the selected size of the harvested adipose tissue with the diameter and port of the injection cannula, the pliable fat tissue flows easily at lower pressures, without clumping or undue resistance, enabling efficient dispersion technique.

The injection cannulae in each kit match perfectly with the harvesting cannulae, to achieve really low extrusion forces during fat injection, avoiding cellular shear stress. 

St’rim enables you to create real volume with deep injection of macro fat through the larger injection cannulae and it also enables you to carry out skin regeneration with superficial injection of nano fat through the finest injection cannula. 

There is one St’rim kit for each type of fat grafting procedure.

PICS2130 St’rim – micro fat grafting kit

  • 1 x Micro fat harvesting cannula
  • 3 x Micro fat injection cannulas
  • 1 x  Incision needle
  • 1 x Female/Female Luer-Lock connector

PICS3523-2 Macro St’rim – macro fat grafting kit

  • 1 x  Fat harvesting cannula
  • 3 x Fat injection cannulas
  • 1 x  Incision needle


PICS2130, PICS3523-2