SilDerm™ Dual Action Scar Gel 15g

  • Clinically proven to help in the treatment of scars
  • Contains 100% silicone ingredients
  • Roller balls massage the scar as the gel is applied

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SilDerm™ Dual Action Scar Gel is a lightweight, self-drying silicone gel for the treatment of scars.

SilDerm™ Dual Action Scar Gel contains the same surgically approved silicone ingredients as SilDerm™ scar gel and scar spray but has the added benefit of a roller ball to apply the treatment.

The massaging action of the roller balls during application enhances the action of the silicone ingredients.

SilDerm™ Scar Gel contains silicone which is shown to flatten, soften and smooth scars, relieving the itching and discomfort, as well as reducing the discolouration associated with scars.

SKU 387-0961