Pos-T-Vac CirClamp External Incontinence Device

  • Male incontinence device for external use
  • Provides a comfortable answer to dribble incontinence

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The Pos-T-Vac CirClamp is designed to help men manage their incontinence. It is a simple, easy to use clamp, made of plastic, with a soft, comfortable covering, that comes into contact with the penis. It fits comfortably over the penis and is held in place by the memory of the clamp itself.

Formerly named the Stamen CirClamp, this male incontinence clamp works by blocking (occluding) the urethra (the tube on the underside of the penis that urine flows through). Results will be best for the male with mild or moderate incontinence.

Those with more serious incontinence may find the use of the CirClamp can help reduce the use of other options, like disposable adult diapers. 

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SKU ic-250