Minimally invasive, non-surgical neck refinement kit.

Can be performed under local anaesthetic.

Light guided suture system which immediately elevates and approximates underlying structures.

Long lasting results in facial rejuvenation with minimal swelling, bruising, and scarring and decreased recovery time.

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The MyEllevate®  facial rejuvenation procedure is simple and easy to perform with impressive and long lasting results.

ICLED®  is the first and only patented light guided technology for cosmetic procedures. It utilises the illuminated Suturod®  to allow you to accurately place sutures to create a support system, and it is a single use disposable system. Most patients experience rapid healing with minimal bruising and swelling and therefore very little down time.

MyEllevate is a single-use, sterile, surgical kit containing:

  • ICLED Suturod with 3m long suture
  • Puncture tool incision device
  • MyEllevate clearing tool
  • Light handle

This kit can be used to create the Neck Defining Suture Lift, MyEllevate Plus lift and as a Trampoline Platysmaplasty suspension suture. It can also be used to divide prominent neck bands.

SKU IML-F-70001