Infiltration Needles (box of 10)

  • Sterile, single-use infiltration cannulae
  • Luer lock connector
  • Multiple spiral hole tips
  • Range of lengths from 150-300mm
  • Range of diameter 16.5-25mm 
  • Cost effective, highly polished stainless steel, CE Marked

£156.00 inc.VAT £130.00

A range of  high quality sterile, single-use infiltration needles from 150-300mm with luer lock connectors.  High quality polished stainless steel with 10 holes around a spiral tip. They can withstand vigorous movement and even gentle bending of the shaft if required.  

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Infiltration Cannula

C121100, C121150, C121250, CI16150, CI18100, CI25150, CI25250, CI25300