Gelzone Wrap

  • Superior, cushioned comfort provides ideal uniform compression
  • Excellent for hypertropic and keloid scar management and sports injuries
  • Ensures complete silicone gel contact on closed wounds in difficult places
  • Wear as it is or pop in the freezer for cold compression
  • Easy application and a cool feeling without the hassle
  • Flexible and durable
  • Latex free; safe for highly sensitive skin


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More than just support, this wrap uniquely combines musculoskeletal support with silicone gel scar management so that its cushioned comfort provides ideal uniform compression.

Pop in the freezer for half an hour to yield 10-15 minutes of cold, cushioned comfort- ideal for any sports injuries 

Its soft texture ensured the wrap stays exactly where it’s put and because it is silicone, the wrap is excellent for hypertrophic and keloid scar management. It may also be used on closed scars following surgical procedures as it is designed to improve the appearance of scars by softening and flattening the scar tissue. 

The Gelzone wrap has been used in clinical studies on silicone gel sheeting used in scar management and the results from at least eight randomized controlled trials and a meta-study of twenty seven trials demonstrate that silicone gel sheeting is a safe and effective management option for hypertropic scars and keloids. 

Comes in a variety of sizes.  




4″24″, 4″x12″