FaceGuard Pack of 5 – High Quality Protection Shield

  • Professional Surgical Face Shields – Made in Finland for over 25 years.
  • Clear washable visor with “baseball cap” style forehead strap
  • Prevents misting/fogging up of visor with its unique design
  • Shield is comfortable distance from face, allows for wearing of glasses (without steaming up)  
  • Doesn’t distort or reduce volume of voice when wearing
  • Foam insert behind cap section, feels like wearing a baseball cap all day.
  • Washable and reusable, light weight
  • One size fits all.
  • Ideal for Restaurants, hair dressers, dentists and many other service sectors

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The FaceGuard is a high quality facial protection, specially designed for superior protection, comfort and economy. The wide splash shield offers additional side protection and is of 100% optical characteristics, enabling the user to carry out precision procedures. The low weight in combination with the smart design and materials makes this a first choice protection to wear, even all day long.

Cleaning Procedure

Hand wash under running water with soap. Do not splash the shield with alcohol or fluids other than water.


Visor in PVC. Frame in soft and strong polypropylene. Latex Free.


Weighs only 40 grams, resulting in comfortable use even during long periods of time. Soft Polyether cushion provides superior comfort.

One size fits all thanks to highly elastic strap.







Black, White

SKU FGC001-5