Bruise MD™ 30ml

  • Aids bruise prevention and helps improve existing bruises
  • Helps to soothe the area that has been bruised
  • Safe, effective and clinically proven
  • Hydrates tissue and prevents the bruise forming
  • Hydrates skin cells which masks the bruise on the skin’s surface

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Bruise MD™ is a unique formulation using ingredients that are tried and tested to aid bruise prevention and help improve existing bruises.

It uses a combination of glycerol and water which over many years has proven to have beneficial improvements in many skin conditions, including bruising.

Bruise MD™ helps to soothe the area that has been bruised, while cooling the affected area. The glycerol then forms a barrier and aids the penetration of the water into the affected area. When used early, by forming a barrier on the skin, it will help the bodies natural processes for bruise prevention.

SKU BR2015-1