PosTvac Support Ring for Penile Vacuum Pump

Tuesday, July 12th 2016

Vacuum devices for Erectile dysfunction such as the PosTvac therapy pump rely on a good supportive Constrictive Ring that enables a created erection be maintained by stemming the peripheral venous blood flow for as long as required for sexual intercourse.    Caution Do not wear longer than 30 minutes.

Eurosurgical offer an excellent quality manufactured silicone erectile Support ring with all PosTvac products.

MACH 1 Support Ring.   Manufactured in Silicone has a thicker but soft for comfort, firm constriction and comfortable for the wearer.       Available in 4 sizes.

Ex ULTIMATE 11  Support Ring.    Produced in Silicone has a slimmer but strong supportive construction creating a firm but comfortable constriction.    Available in 5 sizes.

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