Maintaining A Firm Sexual Erection

Monday, March 20th 2017

Maintaining a firm sexual erection can pose a problem at any age but more increasing for the over 40’s  There can be many medical reasons when gradual diminution of a good firm erection cannot be maintained long enough for sexual intercourse.

Men know the feeling, the more you try the less likelihood of success.  A little extra support could make all the difference.

Our Stay Erect B100 system could be the answer to your situation.   No medication or complicated remedies (although the B1oo kit will enhance the erection process where patients are finding their sexual medication is failing to give the continued desired results)

The kit comes complete with loading cone and silicone rings for applying to the base of the penis to maintain a firm penis throughout sexual intercourse.

Stay Erect will also aid those suffering from premature ejaculation problems.

Full information on all our sexual health products can be found on our main website  To purchase go to our internet shop at click on Medical- Sexual Health-Erectile Dysfunction.

Or call our sales office on 01483 456007 

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