Laser Tattoo Removal Dressing

Thursday, August 23rd 2018

Tattoo’s are ubiquitous today!  However if you want to remove one, then using a Laser is the most effective tool today.  Laser Tattoo removal is painful and requires several treatments to destroy the pigments of the tattoo.  The Laser is fired into the dermis at the dye of the tattoo, causing the dye to shatter.  Now there is help for all you tattoo removal sufferers, in a new dressing that will help instantly with the pain, re-hydrate your skin and help flush away the dye particles.   The Laser Tattoo removal dressing is made from a totally natural nano-cellulose structure that contains 98% sterile water.  This water is released slowly into the effected tissues and can be placed immediately after the treatment for up to 4 hours.  The dressing will reduce the pain and swelling and help the skin tissue recover quickly.  Supplied in a pack of four 10 x 10cm dressings which can be reused.  For more information and description visit

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