Fat is the new liquid gold filler

Monday, July 11th 2016

Using your own fat as a filler has recently seen a massive increase as a procedure in both the NHS and the private sector.   The use of your fat as either a filler for soft tissue defects, or for augmenting areas of the body that require that little more fullness, has long been used, however the practice has increased enormously in all parts of the world over recent years.  The UK is now one of the world’s largest fat filling, or Lipo-Modelling nations, with both the NHS and private sector increasingly using fat as the best and most popular filling ingredient.  It is natural as it comes from you, so rejection, allergies and other complications are reduced. The results can be permanent, where the transplanted fat survives, giving you a natural soft tissue filler where it is needed. 

In the NHS, DIEP flap breast reconstruction is the “gold” standard of todays plastic and reconstructive surgeons.  Using the abdominal fat and blood supply as your new reconstructed breast.  However many DIEP flaps require some further correction to volume or smoothing of edges and contour defects after a couple of years.  This is where Lipo-modelling is excellent, as a means to move fat from one area of the body, such as the tummy, thigh’s or upper arms, to repair the contours in another.  Using modern Liposuction methods to remove the fat, and fat harvesting canisters that collect and separate the fat from the fluid, blood and oils, todays surgeons can replace approximately 200-600 ml of fat within an hour to its new site. 

In the cosmetic world, this also makes for excellent new procedures that use your own fat to remodel your breast, buttocks, calf and many other areas that previously would have required an implant.  Using your own natural tissues instead of a silicone foreign implant has got to be a sensible and longer term solution for many today. 

ESSHOP has an excellent range of Fat Grafting garments, ideally suited for these surgical procedure.  Compression support garments to the areas where the fat has been removed, and less aggressive compression to the areas where the injected fat has been placed, that help maintain the correction and give you more comfort when recovering from surgery.  For more information talk to your surgeon or contact Eurosurgical. 

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