Don’t get ripped off by your Private Hospital

Friday, April 27th 2018

Most cosmetic surgical procedures are not covered by insurance or NHS, so potential patients seek out private hospitals that provide the procedures.    Private hospital groups often have set fees for certain common cosmetic surgical procedures, such as breast augmentation or abdominoplasty, which are paid for in full by the patient.  These “set fees” often include a post-op compression garment which in many cases is a cheap, poor quality garment that is lacking the right compression or support, rolls up in places that it shouldn’t, only available in a predetermined size and colour and even worse, contains the hospitals own “surcharge fee” handed onto the patient.  

Don’t get caught out with this hidden extra provided courtesy of your hospital.  Speak with your surgeon and ask about available options.  ESSHOP provides only the best and most widely used post-op garment from Design Veronique and RecoBra, at really affordable prices, particularly when compared to the prices and surcharge from private hospitals.  Perhaps you can afford now to buy a second garment!


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