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Products for Women’s Gynaecological Health

Posted on Monday, July 17th, 2017

Four new female products have been added to our range of products under Women’s Gynae. Health

I.    EVE menstrual cup.    Hygienic collection device for the menstrual period

2.   PELVIX exercise Cones for the pelvic floor muscles

3.   INTIMRELAX consisting 3 vaginal dilators to assist relaxation

4.   KEGEL BALLS   to strengthen the Pelvic  floor muscles 


 EVE CUP is a comfortable user friendly menstrual cup designed to be inserted into the vagina to collect the menstrual flow for up to 12 hours before cleaning and re-inserting again if necessary.  Available in 2 sizes.


PELVIX offers a natural therapy based on a series of 5 differing weighted cones that are placed into the vagina in order to encourage muscle tone and strengthening to facilitate better sphincter control of the bladder, vagina and anus.


INTIMRELAX is indicated for treating atrophic vaginitis or vaginal narrowing which can effect the young or elderly women even after years of sexual pain free intercourse.  Involuntary vaginal muscle contraction can be dilated gently with a set of Intimrelax dilators.


KEGEL BALLS are particular recommended for post partum uterine involution as a treatment to alleviate and prevent urinary incontinence and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles thus helping urinary continence and satisfying sex as an outcome.


The above products can be found on our website at and purchased from our shop at our website   Click on sexual health and then Women’s Gynae Health.                                                     Alternatively call our office on 01483 456007




Posted on Monday, June 12th, 2017

Sexual Health plays an important role in medicine and healthcare and the current trend is away from surgical intervention to erectile drugs and devices where both avenues are open for choice whether NHS or Private treatment.

Eurosurgical has been a leader in the field of Vacuum Therapy since 1988 and whilst drugs have their effectiveness over a limited period, vacuum therapy enhances the result of penile tumescence over a period of time.

Our PosTvac range of Vacuum Devices gives freedom from planned medication or surgical implants and is “available on demand” if needs be via the simplicity of our system.

Simple to assemble the PosTvac Vacuum device for Erectile Dysfunction aids men with all category  of ED from failing to get a firm erection due to life’s pressures or from chronic health problems such as Diabetes or post surgical rehabilitation following Prostate surgery.

Take a look at our animated video to see how simple the PosTvac is a choice to be seriously considered at or and click on Sexual Health.  Alternatively, call our office on 01483 456007



RecoBra now available on esshop

Posted on Monday, June 5th, 2017

RecoBra®  is a unique post-surgical bra designed for all breast cancer, cosmetic and cardio-thoracic patients. A seamless design that incorporates Maedical™ anti-microbial technology in the fabric of the garment design, that helps maintain the bra’s freshness and cleanliness even after surgery.   RecoBra-(7) 

After extensive testing and with the help of patients and surgeons in London, the RecoBra designer and inventor, Nicole de Havilland, a breast care and lymphodema specialist has created the first bra for women who have undergone all types of surgery to the breast.  With a double panels front closure and adjustable shoulder straps, the unique modern design stretchy fabric with incorporated “zones of compression” that hold the implants and support the back and thoracic, make the RecoBra stand out from all other designs.  

“I love the bra, so soft and comfortable, yet fully supportive, I felt my wounds and breast were safe, thank you so much”  VJO breast patient London.

Much more supportive and comfortable than previous than the previous bra I was given” MMB patient Stevenage.

Make you own mind up and visit the RecoBra

Maintaining A Firm Sexual Erection

Posted on Monday, March 20th, 2017

Maintaining a firm sexual erection can pose a problem at any age but more increasing for the over 40’s  There can be many medical reasons when gradual diminution of a good firm erection cannot be maintained long enough for sexual intercourse.

Men know the feeling, the more you try the less likelihood of success.  A little extra support could make all the difference.

Our Stay Erect B100 system could be the answer to your situation.   No medication or complicated remedies (although the B1oo kit will enhance the erection process where patients are finding their sexual medication is failing to give the continued desired results)

The kit comes complete with loading cone and silicone rings for applying to the base of the penis to maintain a firm penis throughout sexual intercourse.

Stay Erect will also aid those suffering from premature ejaculation problems.

Full information on all our sexual health products can be found on our main website  To purchase go to our internet shop at click on Medical- Sexual Health-Erectile Dysfunction.

Or call our sales office on 01483 456007 

Pectus deformities and treatment, not available on the NHS

Posted on Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Pectus or chest wall deformity refers to a relatively common condition where the chest appears irregularly shaped.  There are two main types of deformity: Pectus Excavatum (Sunken chest) and Pectus Carinatum (Pigeon chest) but there are many more complex types or ‘mixed’ pectus deformities as well as other chest wall problems both congenital (born with) and acquired (caused by for example trauma or previous chest surgery).   Pectus deformities are common with pectus excavatum affecting roughly 1 out of 400 children and pectus carinatum occurring in approximately 1 out of 1500 children. In both types, boys are affected more commonly than girls. 

Unfortunately in todays cash strapped NHS, the correction and treatment for pectus deformities, are limited to those with impaired lung functions only.  There are treatments available and certainly for young patients, Pectus Carinatum can be treated with a “brace” to reposition the chest defect with a non-surgical treatment.  More information on pectus defects and treatments are available from

For patients with Pectus Carinatum , the use of the compression wraps, either the #510-3 or for younger patients, the facial garment #210 are ideal for maintaining the shape of the lower ribs and preventing displacement of them whilst wearing of the brace. 

#640 Adjustable compression vest

For Pectus Excavatum, after corrective surgery, the #640  Adjustable Compression vest with hook and eye front closure is ideal.  This can be followed up by wearing of the second stage garment, #1240 Compression vest which maintains compression from the mid-line out, which is designed to help reduce seroma, a common occurrence with this type of surgery.    


Posted on Monday, January 16th, 2017

The risk of post operative erectile dysfunction following Prostatectomy is reported between 14-89% and now with the earlier detection rate of prostate cancer in younger men there is a greater emphasis on appropriate management where erectile dysfunction can be a complication of surgery (Hoyland et al 2013)

Vacuum Erection devices (VED) are an attractive option following prostate or penile corrective surgery by increasing blood flow and oxygenation to the penis and tissues to facilitate the natural return of postoperative erections. Medical reports indicate that it is an option with few contraindications requiring no testing or training prior to use and very effective with up to 92% satisfaction rate (Lehrfeld et al 2009)  Post surgical use of the Vacuum Erection device is usually started 1 month after surgery and used on a daily basis for 10 minutes per day without constriction bands or rings to help create blood flow into the penis, creating lengthening and girth.

Eurosurgical’s PosTvac vacuum erection pump system is an ideal device for postsurgical training and subsequent full use as an Erectile Vacuum pump where erectile dysfunction is a continued issue.   PosTvac can be used without pharmaceutical support  such as Viagra or Cialis or can be used as an adjunct to therapeutic drugs where penile rigidity and girth can be improved significantly.

PosTvac is available from our web site at our online shop at  Click on Medical-Sexual Health-Erectile Dysfunction.   Or call our Sales Office on 01483 456007  


Posted on Monday, December 19th, 2016

It can often be an embarrassment from an all too frequent problem with leakage of urine at parties, functions or when wearing light clothing during summer months.   Dribble incontinence or leakage of urine is a very common problem resulting from various maladies which are not all medically related.

Our male penile clamp “Circlamp” is placed at the base of the penis, has a comfortable, snug and discrete way of holding back unwanted “leakage” of urine preventing those embarrassing moments.    It is designed to allow it to be opened to relieve bladder pressure in the normal standing position in a public toilet without others around being made aware.  

To order or for further information go to click on medical/sexual health or call our sales office on 01483 45600


Christmas – a difficult time for posture and poise

Posted on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

 slimming_male_upper_body compression_garment_145_4

Its that time of the year where parties, entertainment, going out and fitting into your once-a-year Dinner Jacket all coincide with eating and drinking too much!  So ladies and Gentlemen, how do you fit into those dresses and jackets and look amazing. 

The excellent range of Design Veronique slimming garments, are not only comfortable to wear.  They look great, are available in both black and white (to match most underwear) and are easy to size.  More importantly, they are designed to compress in the right areas.  The male vest (see picture) style #1240 has most of the compression featured over the upper chest, removing both the male breast and upper stomach bulge, whilst maintaining the compression on the lower tummy area.  The female girdle style #75 (see picture) compresses in the middle of the pubis mound, rising up to the lower abdominal area – prefect for support but also for bringing the side handle fat more central, showing lovely straight lines on that dress. 

Paying the right amount for the perfect undergarment which will make you feel comfortable and not restrict your movements, let alone allowing you to use the toilet is a small blessing at this time of the year. 

Renew Sexual Interest using PosTvac Penile Vacuum Pump

Posted on Wednesday, November 9th, 2016


Renew interest in sexual drive without necessarily resorting to medical advice or pharmacological support.

Today, pressure and concern come from many quarters through modern day living and combined with business, work and social aspects force us to exclude some basic natural instincts and sensations that may reduce some aspects of the quality of life.

The difficulty for men under stain described above is often manifested by the inability of achieving a firm penile erection and maintaining it sufficiently long enough for satisfactory intercourse.

There is a simple and effective option for the male suffering from the pressures of modern day demands that can be effective and not require medical support.

With the Penile Erection Vacuum Pump “PosTvac” offers an awakening response that is instantaneous with or without the use of the supplied Support Rings.   Watch our animated video on our website. or purchase product online at

We Are Here To Help!

Posted on Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

We are making some changes to the esshop website to help make your on-line shopping experience with us, even better.  Over the next few weeks we will introduce PayPal, to help you make payments easier.  We will also introduce LiveChat, so that we can help you immediate answers to your on-line questions.  Our excellent customer service team, Mandy, Rebecca and Sam (pictured here) have all been with Eurosurgical for many years and have masses of experience in dealing with all the products that we supply.  Having advice at your finger tips on all manor of questions, such as sizing issues, which is the most suitable post-operative support garment for your particular case, what colours are available and in stock, can be answered in minutes, allowing you to get on with your day and not to worry about your appending surgery (too much). 


Operating Support Garment – why do I need them?

Posted on Monday, August 8th, 2016

What is the point of a “post-surgical support” garment?  Do I really need one?  A surgical procedure usually involves an incision through the skin, fat and sometimes the under lying muscle layers.  This will lead to bruising, pain, discomfort, swelling, possible seroma formation and a disruption to your ability to move around freely and without discomfort for at least a few days to a week after the operation.  Your breathing might be more shallow, with minimal deep breaths, particularly if you have had abdominal surgery and this can also led to delayed healing and guarding of the area effected.  The few days after an operation and before the wound is fully healed are a critical time for you and your body.  This is the ideal time to make sure you have everything in place and ready to help you to recover, quickly and without complications, so prepare ahead of time.  

A post-surgical compression garment will help you recover, as long as it is appropriate for your operation and it is the right size.  After your operation, the area affected will swell with fluid and bruising – this is normal, so Design Veronique take this into account with their sizing and with the first-stage garments.  DO NOT measure yourself pre-operatively and think that after the surgery, “I will be smaller or larger”.  Use your pre-operative measurements as a guide to selection of the right size garment.  To help you wear these garments, the first-stage garments come with zips or hook and eye closure that are designed to be easy to wear and “do up”.  After the initial post-operative swelling has reduced, you might want to consider changing to a “second stage” recovery garment.  These are made with compression  in the right places and without zippers and elaborate closure, as by this time, you can pull on your garments in the manor you usually dress. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask your doctor or nursing staff, or contact our sales advisors – we are here to help.

PosTvac Support Ring for Penile Vacuum Pump

Posted on Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Vacuum devices for Erectile dysfunction such as the PosTvac therapy pump rely on a good supportive Constrictive Ring that enables a created erection be maintained by stemming the peripheral venous blood flow for as long as required for sexual intercourse.    Caution Do not wear longer than 30 minutes.

Eurosurgical offer an excellent quality manufactured silicone erectile Support ring with all PosTvac products.

MACH 1 Support Ring.   Manufactured in Silicone has a thicker but soft for comfort, firm constriction and comfortable for the wearer.       Available in 4 sizes.

Ex ULTIMATE 11  Support Ring.    Produced in Silicone has a slimmer but strong supportive construction creating a firm but comfortable constriction.    Available in 5 sizes.

Visit our online web shop at click on Medical and follow links to Support Rings.



Fat is the new liquid gold filler

Posted on Monday, July 11th, 2016

Using your own fat as a filler has recently seen a massive increase as a procedure in both the NHS and the private sector.   The use of your fat as either a filler for soft tissue defects, or for augmenting areas of the body that require that little more fullness, has long been used, however the practice has increased enormously in all parts of the world over recent years.  The UK is now one of the world’s largest fat filling, or Lipo-Modelling nations, with both the NHS and private sector increasingly using fat as the best and most popular filling ingredient.  It is natural as it comes from you, so rejection, allergies and other complications are reduced. The results can be permanent, where the transplanted fat survives, giving you a natural soft tissue filler where it is needed. 

In the NHS, DIEP flap breast reconstruction is the “gold” standard of todays plastic and reconstructive surgeons.  Using the abdominal fat and blood supply as your new reconstructed breast.  However many DIEP flaps require some further correction to volume or smoothing of edges and contour defects after a couple of years.  This is where Lipo-modelling is excellent, as a means to move fat from one area of the body, such as the tummy, thigh’s or upper arms, to repair the contours in another.  Using modern Liposuction methods to remove the fat, and fat harvesting canisters that collect and separate the fat from the fluid, blood and oils, todays surgeons can replace approximately 200-600 ml of fat within an hour to its new site. 

In the cosmetic world, this also makes for excellent new procedures that use your own fat to remodel your breast, buttocks, calf and many other areas that previously would have required an implant.  Using your own natural tissues instead of a silicone foreign implant has got to be a sensible and longer term solution for many today. 

ESSHOP has an excellent range of Fat Grafting garments, ideally suited for these surgical procedure.  Compression support garments to the areas where the fat has been removed, and less aggressive compression to the areas where the injected fat has been placed, that help maintain the correction and give you more comfort when recovering from surgery.  For more information talk to your surgeon or contact Eurosurgical. 

Mastectomy bra’s and VAT rules

Posted on Monday, June 6th, 2016

At ESSHOP we would love to be able to NOT charge the extra 20% VAT for the post-surgical garments, and in particular the support bra’s that are ordered by women after surgery for breast cancer or breast reconstruction.  We recently received some criticism from a UK lady who was looking to purchase a post-surgical Design Veronique bra, the Josephine #460 after her mastectomy and was surprised and rather annoyed to find that this garment was still subject to VAT.  As a result, we have looked into the VAT ruling on surgical bra’s and why some bra’s, including our own Marianna style and several of those from other companies, such as Marks & Spencer and Nicola Jayne, are VAT exempt.  The ruling states that the device or product ( in this case the surgical support bra) must be designed for a specific purpose ONLY and that is stated in the text.  The bra’s that are sold as post-mastectomy bra’s – ALL feature breast pockets, designed to hold external breast prosthesis.  These bra’s then qualify for a VAT exemption ruling.  The Design Veronique bra’s, although they are often ideal for women that have undergone a surgical procedure for breast removal, whether that is mastectomy, or lumpectomy – are also worn as support bra’s for women that have undergone other breast procedures, such as a breast reduction or mastopexy – and DO NOT have the additional breast cup pockets that would distinguish them for Mastectomy purpose only. 

Unfortunately for British women, breast reduction is now considered a “cosmetic procedure” and is not offered on the NHS and is not VAT free. 

All New Comfort Abdominal Binders

Posted on Monday, March 21st, 2016

Surgery to the stomach area, such as Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), Liposuction or surgery for breast reconstruction that uses the tummy skin and fat (know as a DIEP or TRAM flap) are painful procedures.  The surgery involves dividing the abdominal skin and fat from the underlying muscle layers, which can result in a lot of pain, seroma (the building up of fluid) and bruising to the affected area.  Patients tend to want to protect or “guard” there tummy, which can lead to longer recovery time.  One of the best ways to quickly recover from this surgery, is to use an effective Abdominal Binder that compresses the area and helps hold and compress the tissues together to assist the healing process.  Most Abdominal Binders are however, rather uncomfortable and rigid structures – okay if they are to make you look slimmer and help to get into that particular dress, but not very good for post-surgical recovery.  Until NOW!  Design Veronique have launched the all new #345-9 and #355-9 for female and male patients Abdominal post-op care.  Using a unique cotton fabric 9″ (23cm) panel structure, with a full length Velcro fastening, the binder can be fitted to all sizes and the amount of compression adjusted easily and on a daily base, that will allow you to remain in comfort whilst you assist and recover from surgery.

510-9 abdo female 

Bruise MD™

Posted on Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Bruise day 1 Day 1   Bruise Day 7  Day 7

We are really excited about the addition of the NEW Bruise MD™ cream to the esshop site.  Several surgical patients have recently tried Bruise MD™ following surgery and have reported excellent improvement.  Sue, recently underwent Liposuction to the abdomen (tummy) by a plastic surgeon in Chelmsford.  Sue was given the Bruise MD™ 30ml cream to use twice daily when she went home.  Sue also took a daily picture diary of her tummy and has sent us the photographs.  “The results were amazing” Sue wrote to me, from quite bruised, swollen purple and yellow decolourisations on day 1-3, by day 7,  ALL of the bruising had completely disappeared visually and the area was not sensitive to touch.  In combination with the Design Veronique garments, this is an excellent addition to post-op care plan.