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Yesmina sports bra review

Posted on Monday, August 5th, 2019

Although the ‘Yesmina’ cotton sports bra is primarily for aftercare of breast augmentation and positioning of implants, I used it whilst in the gym and during a personal training session. It definitely lived up to its promise of ‘extra compression in essential areas’ and held everything in place even after running and jumping for over an hour. The lightweight material was extremely flexible and didn’t impair my movements whatsoever; I was able to swing my arms, lift weights and breathe deeply without feeling restricted by heavy, uncomfortable fabric. I was surprised as although the bra is 100% cotton, after sweating the fabric was not clammy, heavy or damp showing that there is moisture wicking element to the garment. The adjustable back hook and eye closure was easy to manage with variations of size and the wide shoulder straps provided support without making annoying ridges in my skin. The bra was easy to wash at a low heat in the machine and didn’t run. I would highly recommend this product as an incredibly supportive and comfortable sports bra and at a very reasonable price- it’s basic but it does the job far better than many other expensive sports companies.


Posted on Monday, October 1st, 2018

Sexually stimulating drugs such as Viagra offer a remedy for the flaccid penis but after a period of time the effects begin to wear off and loose it’s spontaneity and the flaccid state begins to return.

Using a Penile Vacuum Pump system such as PosTvac can offer a firm erection every time it is used with or without sexual supporting drugs.   Used correctly, it’s a 100% effective device and will go on reproducing  firm results and in the long term it is medically known to produce extra girth and penile length which may be an added bonus.

Be sure to watch our animated video on our website to clarify how easily the PosTvac can be used.     Go to  or and click on Gynae & Sexual Health or call our Sales office on 01483 564385.

Product models MVP700 & IVP1000 are available on NHS prescription for medically approved patients such as Diabetics and Erectile Dysfunction by consulting your GP.       All our products are  available for private purchase.

ELVIE & Pelvic Floor Muscle Weakness

Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2018

Some of the symptoms of having a weakened Pelvic Floor are highlighted through urine wetting or dribble incontinence often associated with coughing or lifting where strain is put upon the lower muscles of the pelvis.    Some 70% of the female population are affected by this distressing and uncomfortable dilemma which is often associated with previous childbirth or advancing age.

Exercise of the lower pelvic muscles sometimes call Kegel exercises after Dr Kegel described his program of strengthening the pelvic floor to help improve muscle tone and bladder control when if practiced regulary will bring better control of the bladder sphincter muscles improving self confidence and well being.

There are a number of products, apart from surgery, on the market eg. Pessaries,  Vaginal Cones and Vaginal balls which aid an improvement if practised by self determination however, the Elvie Pelvic Floor Muscle Trainer with Bio-Feed Back has much to offer for it allows the user to monitor her muscular contractions via an app on her mobile phone or tablet and get a clear vision of how her training is progressing.

Elvie is designed specifically for the purpose of encouraging stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles through a formulated training programme where the user can monitor her own performance and have fun whilst doing it. 

Elvie product is available for private purchase on our online shop at and click on Gynae & Sexual Health and follow the links.  Alternatively, call our sales office on 01483 456007




Posted on Monday, March 19th, 2018


It has a predominant effect on first time pregnant women where pain arises either from the pelvic girdle between the iliac prominances and the gluteal folds or, as a lumber pain.

Most studies estimate that approximately 50% of pregnant women will suffer from lower back pain of which one third of these will find that it effects quality of life.

Our on-line shop offer a Maternity Support Band designed to give precise support to the expanding Uterus with easy adjustable capability to eleviate low back pain or give anterior support.

Veronique is a specialist manufacturer of a very wide range  of medical and surgical support garments including the popular Maternity Support Band designed by experts and worn by expectant mothers.

Our Veronique Garments are purchased by the NHS, Private Hospitals and Clinics and is available online for private purchase.

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Kegel Exercise Using Kegel Balls

Posted on Monday, October 16th, 2017

Particularly recommended for the postpartum uterine involution as a treatment to alleviate and prevent incontinence and strengthen the pelvic floor and helping to have more satisfying sex.

The pelvic floor can weaken during pregnancy, child birth and post partum.    During pregnancy it is caused by the weight of the uterus. During birth it is caused by the baby stretching the vaginal walls as it passes through the vaginal canal and further aggravated if an episiotomy is carried out.    During the post partum period if the weakening muscles are not exercised or carried out too vigorously the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles may be accentuated.

The menopause may bring hormonal changes causing the pelvic floor to become less flexible with weaken tissues. There are many other causes for weakening pelvic floor muscles for example high impact sport, genetic inheritance, obesity, chronic constipation and chronic coughing and stress.

The use of Kegel Balls adds to self administered exercises helping to strengthen the pelvic and vaginal muscles adding a further dimension to ones independence and self esteem.

Kegel Balls is available from our website under   click on sexual health then women’s gynae health. Alternately, call our sales office on 01483 456007