Bruise MD™

Monday, February 22nd 2016

Bruise day 1 Day 1   Bruise Day 7  Day 7

We are really excited about the addition of the NEW Bruise MD™ cream to the esshop site.  Several surgical patients have recently tried Bruise MD™ following surgery and have reported excellent improvement.  Sue, recently underwent Liposuction to the abdomen (tummy) by a plastic surgeon in Chelmsford.  Sue was given the Bruise MD™ 30ml cream to use twice daily when she went home.  Sue also took a daily picture diary of her tummy and has sent us the photographs.  “The results were amazing” Sue wrote to me, from quite bruised, swollen purple and yellow decolourisations on day 1-3, by day 7,  ALL of the bruising had completely disappeared visually and the area was not sensitive to touch.  In combination with the Design Veronique garments, this is an excellent addition to post-op care plan.   

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